Leilão da Receita no Pará traz antenas Starlink e produtos da Apple

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Starlink antennas appear in the mail of the federal reception in the state of Pará (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

The Superintendência da Receita Federal no estado do Pará organizes a delivery of prepared products. Among the available items there are three Starlink antennas, iPhones, Xiaomi cell phones and other electronic devices. The start of proposals opened on March 23, with an early launch session for April 9.

One of the curiosities of this trip is that there are three lots (23, 30 and 39) with a Starlink antenna. We have registered them, this is the second time the equipment has appeared in a federal revenue certificate. Oh Tech Blog Contact the organization to identify the origin of the apprehension of these products. A notification will be updated when we respond to federal receipt.

iPhone 14 Pro cameras (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)
The iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in select federal receipt bundles (Image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

In practice, the role is dominated by Xiaomi products. There are smartphones from the main brand and subsidiaries Poco and Redmi. In certain batches, such as the case of batch 24, these products are accompanied by iPhones.

There are no following products from Apple: iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, MacBook Air (M1 and M2) and even iPhones. The tasks are made for bundles 37, 38 and 50, which accompany an iPhone 14 Pro Max with various electronic devices – bundle 21 is the only one that comes with an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

How to participate in the Leilão da Receita Federal

Federal Recipe
Interested parties are precisely informed before participating in the federal reception competition (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

Veja how to participate in the Federal Receipt Award:

  • Obtain a digital certificate (purchase separately);
  • Consiga an access code for him e-CAC portal;
  • Leia attempts to edit, link available — reading the document is essential to know all the details of the book;
  • On my page, you can make the proposals — also check that the local wave or the product is armed.
  • Removal of products: the federal revenue did not provide lots to the authors of the proposals sold. The responsibility of retiring the product is exclusive to the person who launches or launches it.. And you have to wait for the local one to do so.

Detaques do Leilão da Receita no Pará

LotéMain articlesInitial Lance
11x iPad 9R$380
41x Galaxy Tab A
1x iPad 10
2x Pulse Relógio
61x Apple Watch Series 8350 R$
ten1x iPhone 8 Plus250 R$
211x iPhone 14 Pro MaxR$11,199
23, 30 and 391x Starlink Antenna400 R$
241x iPhoneX
4x Redmi Note 8
1x iPhone 11
1x iPhone 11 Pro
1x Redmi 9A
261x Hoverboard
2x iPhone 11
1x Poco X4 Pro
1x Xiaomi 11T Pro
1x Xiaomi mobile phone, model not specified
1x Realme C55
291x Apple Watch UltraR$5,750
311x Redmi Note 11S
2x Redmi tablet
1x Zeblaze Swin Smart Watch
1x Apple Watch Series 8
4x HC-900 Trilha Camera
1x Cellular Capa
1xMacBook Air M1
1x Apple Watch Series 7
341x iPad 10550 R$
351xMacBook Air M2R$1,100
361x Realme C55
1x Poco X5 Pro
1x Redmi Note 12S
1x Redmi Note 12
1x Apple Watch Series 7
5x Fire TV Lite stick
4x Perfumes
371x Realme C55
1x iPhone 14 Pro Max
1x Poco X5 Pro 5G
2x Redmi Note 12
1x Redmi 12C
1x iPad 9
6x Perfumes
8x Cell Phone Batteries
96x Mobile Phone Films
381x Poco X5 5G
2x Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G
1x iPhone 14 Pro Max
16x Thermal Copo
4x Thermal Garrafa
1x AOKZOE A1 console
2x Redmi Note 12
402x Poco X5 5GR$610
431x Caixa de som Edifier
2x Canon EOS Rebel SL3
1x Slow Cannon
3x microphone
3x Tripés
5x LED lights
5x Realme C55
2x Redmi Note 12S
2x Redmi Note 12
1x Redmi 12C
1x Poco F5
1x Poco C40
471x Nikon P1000
1x Flash
2x iPad 10
1x DJI Mavic Mini Drone
2x Drone Batteries
502x iPhone 14
2x iPhone 14 Pro Max
1x Redmi 12C
1x Redmi 12S
515x Redmi Note 12SR$1,956
63, 74, 84 and 8620x LG B220 Basic CellularR$1,000
6495x rewards for iPhoneR$10,000
731x iPhone 6S
1xiPhone 7Plus
800 R$
776x Redmi Note 12
6x Redmi 12C
78 and 7910x Redmi Note 12
5x Redmi 12C
8011x Redmi Note 12R$4,000
81 to 833x Redmi Note 12R$1,000

Sending reception for Starlink antennas and Apple products

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