Microsoft Edge on Android I can install all browser extensions

Oh Microsoft Edge for Android It is possible to briefly support the use of any desired extension. A Microsoft How to test extensions on Edge for Android starting early this yearbut an attentive Reddit user advised the option to install any extension not Canary Edge for Android, it is necessary to bypass some obstacles to replicate the process.

Using any extension requires enabling development mode or using the installation ID of the desired extension, so it's not a perfect experience. But it is also to expect the initial phase of the testicles.

Initially, it is necessary to use Edge Canary to experiment with extensions, but now you can start using Edge for Android. After using extensions on Edge for Android for a week, I advise you to live like them. Continue to use extensions on Edge from there and don't imagine a trocar for a browser without supporting extensions. Hopefully many extensions work on the browser in short.

Regardless of which Edge version you use on Android, you are precise Use as extensions for Edge://flags:

  1. Go to Edge://flags in the endbar.
  2. Get “Extension for Android”.
  3. Enable the “Extension for Android” option.
  4. Meanwhile, you are on any web page, but no menu is inferior to Edge.
  5. Role for the bottom and the selection “Extensions”, which appear next to a quebra-cabeça icon.
  6. Select “Manage Extensions”.
  7. Try the extensions you want to install on Microsoft Edge.

Oddly enough, the supported extensions are very different depending on the version of Edge you're using. In testing, Dark Reader, uBlock Origin and Global Speed ​​work on Edge Canary, but Edge's version supports Dark Reader and Global Speed

It is possible to use any extension on Edge for mobile devices now, but you are in the initial stages of testing and require several steps to activate and configure it. You may also experience frequent crashes. You may not have any trouble or may have to do all these extensions at that time.

But if you're ready to do it, Reddit user daplugg23 lays out the necessary steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Canary.
  2. Go to settings and then tap “On Microsoft Edge”.
  3. At the bottom of the phone, you have five Edge version numbers (for example, Edge Canary 125.0.2487.0) to enable developer options.
  4. In the developer options, tap “Install extension by ID”.
  5. To find the extension ID, follow these steps: a. Open the Microsoft Edge Extensions file ( b. Next, select the extension you want to install. vs. Look at a URL in the address bar. d. The extension ID is a long sequence of characters until the end of the URL (for example, jbkfoedolllekgbhcbcoahefnbanhhlh for Bitwarden).
  6. Enter the extension ID in the “Install extension ID” field on your Edge Canary browser.
  7. An extension must have recently been installed on your Android device.

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