New Lanada platform for the CNJ visa facilitating the doao de rgos no pas

Oh National Council of Justice (CNJ) has launched a new platform that aims to facilitate the creation of organizations in Brazil to allow interested people to register their intention to visit the site “Aedo» or for a smartphone application.

This platform will help the health system to understand more quickly the patient's decision which is taken into account, by making the decision to doação após mort encefálica continue to send the patient's family.

Thus, the register of the intentions of the body concerned, the national transplant system is able to make the patient's decision and to be able to represent the family with the intention of acting throughout the existing process in the intervention of the organism, which can, if you wish, remember it. hope for the decision of the familiars.

Minister Luis Felipe Salomão, corregedor nacional de Justiça, explained that this idea can help increase the number of transplants in the country, according to the Jornal Nacional, which was recorded in 2023.

Salomão had to comply with the hope number in the thread to transplant reduz, but lives will be saved in Brazil, so it is expected that this initiative will be very beautiful for everything I want to do. The Ministry of Health and the cartórios collaborate with this campaign. I see what the minister is saying:

Since it's campanha, we're going to have an unfair declaration. That I want to be able to do a quick, simple, free way, deixar isso registrado – 'eu quero être um doador, eu quero salvar vidas' -, from here, a consultation also very rapid for health organizations to allow the realization and transplantation of organisms

Mesmo with a record recorded in 2023, Brazil has already possessed approximately 42 million people in the thread waiting for a transplant. People, 500 children. Fortunately, I am sending a good year for transplant recipients, close to three million people waiting to have a donor.

The tem government shows itself ativo as ajudas nessa luta and also in others, as is the case for the case IT services for public schools not even once. We hope for a positive return on these measures in short.

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