Ramadan 2023

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Ramadan is the holiest month of the Muslim calendar, and it starts on Thursday, March 23, 2023[1]

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, abstaining from food and water.

Fasting is a private act of worship that engenders nearness to God, but it is also a form of spiritual discipline and a means to empathize with those less fortunate.

Muslims are required to fast on each of the 29 to 30 days of Ramadan.

Fasting is not just about abstaining from food and drink; it is also about exercising the power of the mind and strengthening spirituality.

In addition to fasting, Muslims are encouraged to give to charity, strengthen their relationship with God, and show kindness and patience.

Some believers also perform an additional night prayer, called Taraweeh, which only takes place during Ramadan.

The Night of Destiny or Laylat al-Qadr is the night on which the first words of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

It is celebrated during the last ten days of the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan cultivates a gratifying spiritual and physical awakening that everyone, not just Muslims, can experience.

Ramadan is not just about no food or water; it is about grounding the heart to appreciate and acknowledge the blessings of life, no matter how big or small.

If you want to wish someone well during Ramadan, you can say “Ramadan Mubarak,” which means “Blessed Ramadan,” or “Ramadan Kareem,” which translates as “Generous Ramadan”.

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