Samsung just developed the Galaxy S24 FE, according to rumors

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Samsung is preparing to launch the next edition of the Fan Edition line this year, perhaps in the second half of 2024, after the release of its new phones. The Galaxy S24 FE has arrived in fantastic form, with the company kicking off preparations for its mass production, according to rumors.

Reports from South Korea indicate that Samsung has selected Anapass as the video driver IC supplier for the Galaxy S24 FE. Integrated circuits are essential to the operation of the device phone. Anapass is known for its quality and reliability, making it the third leading supplier of integrated circuits for a Samsung display.

The Galaxy S24 FE will feature an OLED fabric paint, integrated with a chip in a film for the driver. This technology is more complex to produce compared to the glass chip, but offers significant advantages in terms of use and image quality.

Thanks to the study of the integrated circuit supplier, Samsung has advanced in assembling your chain of supplements for the Galaxy S24 FE. This involves approving components, negotiating with suppliers and finalizing details before mass production begins. I hope this production will take place in the coming months, with a planned release between August and September of this year.

The success of Galaxy S24 FE must combine advanced resources and accessory prices, in order to acquire a large consumer base.

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