Só 1% dos compradores devolveu o Apple Vision Pro

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A portion of users consider that they use Vision Pro because they do not want to use it (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Only 1% of Apple Vision Pro users gifted a VR headset. The information was published by TF International Security market analyst and big tech specialist Ming-Chi Kuo from Cupertino. Second, 30% of users will switch back to Vision Pro if they are not configured – that's it.

The large number of users who renew the VR headset do not know how to use it – that is why 1% of Vision Pro has been transferred. Apple is a company that supports design and friendly interfaces. However, this is not the fault of the usability or interface, but the marketing is done for a product that is not for everything.

Dias after the launch, There are complaints on the Internet by users who inform that the product is in progress. In these cases, customers demand more “palpable” bridges: weight, comfort, vision problems and poor use. The latter may be connected to not knowing how to configure/use the product.

Apple Vision Pro is not for everything

Using Vision Pro is set to be easier, with a greater learning curve and possible difficult use control (Image: Reproduction/Apple)
Using Vision Pro is set to be easier, with a greater learning curve and possible difficult use control (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

The reason customers aren't using Apple Vision Pro reinforces the idea that VR headsets aren't for everything – and we don't have a price. I have used a product that may have different experiences and opinions about the product. If a customer is attracted to Apple's marketing on Vision Pro, it doesn't have to be the public product.

In fact, there are some complaints about Vision Pro's interface. For example, to open an application chain, you must precisely click on a physical button. I just tested a Meta Quest 2 and until the other side, precisely click on the headset to activate or switch. From the restaurant, tudo no control.

Aliás, o Vision Pro does not control them, only makes gestures and rastreio of the eyeball. It is therefore possible to require a large learning curve to use fluidly or cause the client to give up — “não sei user, vous devolver”.

After these developments, the sales launch of Apple Vision Pro is higher than Apple's expectations. Naturally, due to the decrease in propaganda and curiosity about the product, as well as analyzes from journalists and influencers, he requested a reduction in the helmet. It is true that the forecast is that Apple will only sell 200 million Vision Pros this year, superimposing the previous estimate of a product in excess of 150 million.

See how it functions Apple Vision Pro

Information on: Ming Chi Kuo e Gizmodo

Thus, 1% of buyers return to Apple Vision Pro

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