Starlink antennas therefore learned with illegal garimpo equipment on Yanomami land

An operation of the armed forces due to the federal police and government agencies between March 4 and April 10, 2024 resulted in the acquisition of 24 Internet antennas via satellite from Starlink, by the company of billionaire Elon Musk. The equipment was found in a Yanomami indigenous reservation, located in the Amazon and Roraima states.

A garimpo structure is illegally used as antennas to facilitate communication with our isolated premises. This isn't the first time I've found it, but 32 Starlink devices were found in 20 illegal devices distributed across 4 states between April 2023 and March 2024.

However, Ibama says the number of equipment used by Starlink may be the largest, but more than 90 internet devices were found in our last 12 months, but the brand of most of these was not noted . Estimates indicate that almost all installations are illegal using the Starlink network.

Officers also found more than 114 kg of mercury in the last week alone, as well as 7.3 million kg of cassiterita, 38.4 million liters of diesel oil, 6.6 million liters of aviation gasoline , 6 planes, 15 balsas, 200 engines, 36 energy generators in 49 accommodations with 180 working runways.

Ainda falando from Starlink, The Public Prosecutor's Office has asked the Contas Court (TCU) to force the government to cancel contracts with Elon Musk's company. by violation of national soberania after attacks by the billionaire against Alexandre de Moraes and the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ).

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