Steven Yeun Reportedly Leaves Marvel’s Thunderbolts Movie – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

Steven Yeun has reportedly dropped out of Marvel Studios' upcoming MCU film, Thunderbolts. This news comes from the Hollywood Reporter, which does not give an explicit reason why the actor left his rumored role as Sentry in the #ThunderboltsMovie. What's interesting about this is that he was never officially confirmed by Marvel to appear in the film. These were mostly rumors, and somewhat confirmed by outside sources. One such source is Robert Kirkman, who you may know as the creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible. Steven and Kirkman go back to when he played Glen from The Walking Dead and currently the main character in Invincible. We also have news about the Terrifier 2 producers working on a Mickey Mouse slasher and Adam Driver's status in the Star Wars universe. It's your entertainment solution on IGN with Akeem Lawanson.

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