The Morning After: Samsung schedules its Galaxy S24 event for January 17

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Samsung threw a dart at the year's calendar and chose January 17. Yes, its next Unpacked event will take place earlier this year and will be held at the SAP Center in San Jose. The event, which usually takes place in February, is usually the time when Samsung unveils its latest lineup of flagship smartphones. At this point we'll see the Galaxy S24 – unless the company changes the numbering – and I remember the S8!*

However, this is all largely unofficial. Samsung isn't usually explicit about what it's going to reveal (unless it's joking about “rolling out” foldables). If you're feeling risky, the company has already launched a “pre-reservation” program where you can register your email address to pre-order… something Galaxy-flavored.

–Mat Smith

*Yes, I know Samsung changed its nomenclature to S20 in 2020, but let me have fun.

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