The third season trailer for “Ted Lasso” is here

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The Peabody Award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso has swiftly gained popularity online, and its third season is soon to premiere.

The West London-based drama centres on the endearingly naive American Ted Lasso, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, who is hired as the British football (also known as soccer) team AFC Richmond’s head coach. Lasso charms the squad and the show’s growing number of devoted viewers by making up for his lack of expertise and sports knowledge with his kind personality.

Season 2 broadened the focus from Season 1’s emphasis on the team to “what’s happening internally for the characters” as opposed to “external life events,” according to co-creator Brendan Hunt, who spoke to Deadline. We take a little time to examine that and where our characters are at with it as mental health still carries stigmas in this country, more so than in England and more so than in athletics, he continued.

The show’s co-creators, Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and cast members Sudeikis and Hunt, have already given away a few spoilers for Season 3. Everything you need to know about Ted Lasso’s third season is detailed below.

The new season is arriving March 15, 2023

Finally, AppleTV+ released the first image from season 3, which showed Ted and Nate engaged in a clear confrontation and alluded to the contentious conclusion of season 2. Season 3 will debut this spring, the streamer has revealed.

It was time to win it all, as stated in the official caption.

The show also released a teaser video announcing the March 15th premiere date for season 3. The Richmond AFC team is seen reuniting in the video and preparing the locker room for the beginning of a new soccer season.

The Rolling Stone’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” serves as the music to a number of sequences from season 3 in the entire official trailer, which does not feature much dialogue from the upcoming season. We don’t know what else to say if that suggests that Season 3 might be the show’s final season.

There may be story hints in the cinematography

According to Lawrence, many of the show’s important characters and themes have been purposefully hinted at in the filming process. According to Lawrence, “the show opened on a close-up of [Rebecca] studying a painting—kind of this single shot of her, following her journey—and I would suggest that that would be a sign about who most of the second year is about. By where we start and whose face we start on, cool Jason really likes to do is visually reveal who the stealth protagonist or lead character is. This trend might continue into Season 3.

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