Time Train Set As New Name For Adam Rejwan Management Company – Deadline

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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Rejwanthe rising manager-producer behind REJ Entertainmentrenamed the company Train of timeDeadline has learned.

This decision comes as management and the production company is taking its first steps in the latter area, with the possibility of financing the development of selected projects through a syndicate of investors with which it has started working. Among his upcoming projects is The ghost of Doheny, which tells the story of cult icon Jack Nance, protagonist of David Lynch's iconic feature film Eraser head. Currently in pre-sales, featured photo SNL The former Bobby Moynihan as Nance and Crispin Glover as Lynch will be directed by Paul Sanchez IV, a Time Train client having just developed a television project for Sony Gemstone.

Working during his early years in the industry under filmmakers such as Damon Lindelof, Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, Rejwan launched the company now known as Time Train in 2016. He managed to grow a successful business by searching for behind-the-scenes talent with no resumes or networks to tap into, which left Lyft footing the bills for two years after its founding, until customers began regularly generating revenue.

The company has focused on diverse talent, with LGBTQIA+, POC and/or female creators making up approximately 70% of Rejwan's customer base. Besides Sanchez, clients include Elizabeth Sherman, who is leaving as co-producer after becoming senior story editor on the Chicago fire; Cultivated scribe Kyle Drew, who made the 2022 Blacklist with his script Who made the potato salad; Nyala Moon, who recently won the Outfest Grand Jury Prize for her short film Dilation for optimal results; and Michael Gabrielle, who is now reaching out to producers for a feature film adaptation of his award-winning short, Leave.

The company also reprizes the up-and-coming composers known as the Mondo Boys, who recently composed the music for the Nelms Brothers' action thriller. Red right handwith Orlando Bloom, Andie MacDowell and Garret Dillahunt, as well as the Milli Vanilli doc for Paramount+ and Gunther's Millions for Netflix, after working on films like Amy Seimetz's She dies tomorrow.

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