YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk reveals Ahyeon’s comeback return plans with BABYMONSTER

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There's some exciting news for fans of girl group BABYMONSTER! In a recent video titled “BABYMONSTER NEXT PHASE | YG Announcement' on their official YouTube channel, Yang Hyun-sukthe head of YG EntertainmentI revealed what was going to happen BABY MONSTER in 2024.
The chief producer revealed that BABYMONSTER is set to release a brand new song on February 1, marking the start of their activities for the year. However, when asked about Ahyeon's return, Yang Hyun-suk revealed that Ahyeon had to stop training for a few months due to health problems. As a result, BABYMONSTER had to debut on November 27 with six members instead of the planned seven.
Yang Hyun-suk explained that Ahyeon's comeback date is still uncertain, but he assured fans that she will not leave the group. He mentioned that Ahyeon's return will be shared with the public when the time comes.
Originally, BABYMONSTER was supposed to debut as a seven-member girl group, but Ahyeon was unable to join the debut due to health issues. Despite this setback, it's clear that the group and its management are looking forward to Ahyeon's return once she has fully recovered.
Fans can now anticipate BABYMONSTER's next song in February and keep an eye out for updates on Ahyeon's comeback. The band's journey continues and the members eagerly prepare for the next phase of their exciting musical career.

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