You can install a Wi-Fi signal for free in shelters in Rio Grande do Sul.

Os abrigos no Rio Grande do Sul Terão Sinal Open from Wireless fornecido pela Oh to enable communication with people who are open. The operator has an email sender ( so that local officials can contact and authorize the installation of the necessary equipment.

The city of Porto Alegre, inclusive, is one of the first to have access to the Internet, with the support of the company's social networks and V.tal. The plan is sent by a work within the framework of the municipal and municipal authorities. Gustavo Brambila, director of operations of the company, confirmed that:

We are actively working on setting up the infrastructure of the Rio Grande do Sul service and making the communication available.

Fabrício Bindi, head of Oi Fibra, also spoke about the situation:

Our priority is also to guarantee Internet connection to our customers in Rio Grande do Sul, and the company is the leading broadband company.

Oi Special Operation

This will allow Oi to carry out the actions of the scenario in Rio Grande do Sul. Second, the operator has recorded its last 15 movements with over 1,200 events handled by support and camp teams. At the same time, the company received 300 recovery or contingency actions of three-dimensional public utility services.

Not only, but also 400 times in migration data communication links, providing new services to critical customers and interested links. For my part, I adore Medida as the poster child for the sacrifice of fortune for 10 days of emergent form. She also shouts at a specific person to help or service RS customers.

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