Your servants in Latam can now communicate with a Wi-Fi connection

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The Latam passages agree in a quarter of a day (3) with a surprise boa: the airline confirms that expand your offering WIFI connection for all your domestic wishes.

The connectivity offer also covers certain countries in South America and operates without restrictions. However, some benefits are exclusive to members of Latin America loyalty programs or users of specific plans.

Upon disclosure, members who have subscribed to the Latam Pass have the possibility to send, free of charge, an unlimited number of messages during your stay. Black Signature, Black, Platinum, Gold Plus and Gold customers have unlimited login access, including full browsing.

Common users and occasional travelers, but they will also have access to the connection, but they will also select the type of service you want, from sending messages, play streaming media or access social networks. This format has existed since 2022, but recently it is presented today as the airline's planes.

Today, Latin America offers 132 aircraft for domestic or short-term travelers to South American countries – all, for the Airbus line: A320, A319, A320, A320neo, A321 and A321neo.

To access the connection options, users must plug their smartphones into airplane mode and connect them to the Latam Play Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, type “” (sem aspas) into the browser or look for a QR code offered for the airline as well.

For this reason, various packages also continue to be sent to the Latam.

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