Yu Gi Oh! MASTER DUEL j ultrapassou has 60 thousand downloads

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Konami announces today on its official website that the digital card game Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL has surpassed the 60 million download mark worldwide. Although two years later, this mark is something very positive for Konami, which clearly shows the potential return on investment of the game on this subject.

Two years ago, Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL now you can see but it's in a genero with the same thing, as in the case “Marvel Snap” and “Magic” are also available for PC and smartphones.

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The game offers a nice turn fighting experience with good graphics, events and tournaments for everyone to live with their community with the best possible way. To show your gratitude and commemorate this new conquest of gaming, Konami is here offered 1,000 joys uh selection packageall offered free to players.

To get your reward, you will just have to enter your game, you will then have received the fact of being in the menu. With 1,000 people you will be able to buy items from the game square and with the new selection deck you will be able to discover the “vulcar” archetype which will make new cards for the game, such as “Imperador Vulcanico” e “Fogueira“.

The deck is also offered as new cards for the “Desacorrentado” baralho. A Konami seems bastante feliz com Yu-Gi-Oh, I can also pretend to launch Yu Gi Oh! First Days Collection will play classic Game Boy games for Switch and PC.

Finally, this is an additional youth promotion at the same time, so players may even have been approved in this limited promotion period. Tanto a promotion of joys of rewards is available until April 23.

Yu Gi Oh! MASTERS DUEL I can be baixado for free for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, Steam, Switch and iOS/Android.

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