Apple can be a thief for fun deals

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Uh robot that “the continuation of all the songs of the house” may be a next novelty to be published by the Apple In the near future, second information from Bloomberg. The idea, second of the agency, is to shout “automated mobile devices”, adding that your functions had no details.

At the origin of the agency, which made the anonymity of the decision of the project which is already in the main phases, that is, Apple wants to cry robots that carry out the tasks of lar, like limpar rented from a room in the cozinha.

Another general device, also produced by Apple, consists of a robot with a display head. This is how it is possible to “imitate the movement of the head” and increase the immersion, for example, of the two participants of a chamada via FaceTime. Ultimately, there appear to be problems: Engineers are having difficulty balancing a small robotic motor in a type device.

The projects use Apple's advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to create personalized navigation rotations and adapt to your human senators.

The projects, obviously, have not passed through a rumor at the moment and, because of the initial phase of ambos, it is difficult to know all one day when they are launched. Additionally, Bloomberg claims that this is “the next big thing from Apple after the company's electric car bad faith.”

With or without robots, they will resolve to the next news – this, and I have confirmed – that the Cupertino company will be an achievement of WWDC 2024, confirmed on June 10. Ironically, the expectation is that Apple will use the event to announce products and packages… in AI.

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