AstroPortrait: Samsung may launch a fun new photo for Galaxy cell phones

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Samsung can launch a very interesting new photography mode for your cell phones in short. According to Android Authority, the “AstroPortrait” feature can be used for several of the company's smartphones through the Expert RAW app, which is available for free on the Galaxy Store.

To do this, the user must follow the instructions:

  1. Open Expert RAW and select AstroPortrait mode;
  2. Put the camera on for a weight such as the fundo plano nourno;
  3. Tap capture and save flash so it's gone;
  4. Then you can see the camera and continue to secure the phone;
  5. Take a few seconds for the cell phone to finish capturing.

Basically, the app will shoot a photo in person flip mode, capture a photo in Astrophotography mode and fund it as it.

However, this feature will not be exclusive to Samsung cell phones, but the Vivo X100 Pro has a similar recourse, and the AstroPortrait mode images should be similar in terms of clear views.

As AstroPortrait mode is no longer enabled in Expert RAW, we do not have a list of devices that would be compatible with it, but there is evidence that anything that supports Astrophotography mode can be used with this recourse.

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