Bully and LA Noire will be available in GTA Plus by Rockstar in 2024

Enquanto GTA VI can be reached for 2026, players will have more options for entertainment with GTA Plus, Rockstar's gaming service which will receive two globally recognized titles this year. We came across Bully and LA Noire, which will be available to assassins in 2024.

Second a Rockstar, Bully and LA Noire will be available to assassins without additional guards. GTA Plus costs R$31.90 per month and can be canceled at any time. Unfortunately, the developer doesn't reveal itself when games purchase the service, but it is guaranteed to be available in 2024.

Launching in 2022, GTA Plus was originally designed for GTA Online players with exclusive rewards for their assassins distributed today. In the meantime, the service has been amplified and received several renowned games from Rockstar like Red Dead Redemption com a DLC Undead Nightmare.

GTA Plus is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series properties, extensions, additional courses, accelerator bonuses, RP and Pacotes de Dinheiro Tubarão.

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