Celulares bsicos com Android recebero atualizao com novo decoder para vdeos AV1

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Cellphones Android so that you can configure less powerful configurations to be able to better reproduce the content AV1 two streaming services. This reason is also that of the implementation by Google of an important solution for decoderin order to generate melodies in reproduction and having to adjust the most modest models.

So that I don't know, the models are currently used with the decoder libgav1 AV1 the company. But the update will make the system switch to using it libdav1d by VideoLANe, compliant noticiado pelo portal Android Authoritya performance will be a great aprimoramento.

What is AV1?

So that I don't know, o AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) is a video codec, used for 4K HDR transmission. In general, it was developed as a successor to HEVC, or H.265 and is a codec used for the vast majority of streaming services currently available, such as Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV and Disney+.

Essa tecnologia was created by an industrial consumer Open Media Alliance, which contains renowned companies like Amazon, Google, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and NVIDIA. So one of your main advantages is the full use of copyrights, different from H.265 and also H.264, or other codec.

However, using this codec requires a decoder to accelerate the hardware and there are different cell phone models that do not have the component. So if you stay working through software, or you need fog for smartphone processing chip. In this way, input models tend to experience difficulties in reproducing high-definition content.

This difficulty will be reduced when it comes to updating the decoder used on Android to run these videos. For my part, I also see the details of recurso de chamadas de voz no Android that Google is in development and that new announcements have been made for company in charge of AI and productivity.

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