Delhi High Court calls for serious action against TVF’s “College Romance” for vulgar content

The Delhi High Court has remarked that TVF Media Labs’ show ‘College Romance’ has “vulgar and profane content” during a hearing of a plea challenging FIRs filed against the makers and actors of the show. The court further stated that the presence of such content on public and social media platforms “accessible to children of tender age” should not be taken lightly.

The Delhi High Court further added that the producers and actors of such content have to be mindful of their impact on the impressionable minds of the young generation. The court’s remarks came during the hearing of a plea filed by the makers of College Romance, who were seeking quashing of the FIR registered against them for allegedly promoting “vulgar and offensive” content. The court has directed the producers to take appropriate measures to ensure that their content is not harmful to children.

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