Google Unleashes Instant Translate with Circular to Search All Items

Second o Android Font, an instant translation option like the Circule pour Pesquisar adds a button to the side of the weighing bar in the lower area of ​​the canvas to the action or recourse. Don't allow yourself to select the destination language so that all or all of the tel's content will be translated for them in a few seconds.

A new feature is already available for mobile phones with the Google app in version v15.14.34.29 and Google Play Services from March 2024.

Line users Galaxy S24, S23 e Pixel 8 it is already sold, but the release is gradual, but Android Font because the new function doesn't appear either Pixel 6ait is also compatible with the circular for research.

After that, it is also possible to translate texts in the world in circulation, or to add certain steps to know better or those that are written in other idioms when viewing the entire text of such a text.

(updated on April 13, 2024, at 5:08 p.m.)

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