Huawei P70 Art vazado with 1 pole sensor, connection via satellite and more

Update (04/04/2024) – MR

Rumors indicate that Huawei will expand its catalog of devices with the launch of the line HuaweiP70. It must be composted by models HuaweiP70, Huawei P70 Pro e Huawei P70 Artwhich promises to offer advanced employment and advanced photo set.

Recently, os aparelhos tiveram details vazados and went through Geekbench, revealing a most modern Kirin platform. Today, the details of the Huawei P70 Art are available, confirming the sensor of a polegada.

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A tipster reveals the components of the Huawei P70 Art's camera module, confirming the rumor about its touchscreen design. The visual is even more distinct from that of its predecessor, whose format is irregular and which seems to be unprecedented in the industry.

The triple camera module with triangular arrangement of the Padrão and Pro variant. The Huawei P70 Art promises to feature an advanced camera module with variable aperture and one-inch Sony IMX989 sensor, the main one in a Huawei device.

Variable aperture technology allows it to be adjusted to various light conditions. On the other hand, the Huawei P70 Art will discover a new type of satellite communication, allowing users to communicate on any bridge on Earth, even in remote areas without making a mistake.

The Huawei P70 line must be available in the market with such a curve, 1.5K resolution and Kirin 9000S 5G platform. There appears to be an unexpected launch this month, but a rumor suggests that the event that would have officiated the devices has been canceled. More information will be released in the coming days.

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Update (11/29/23) – JB

Second new information revealed by the knowledge and trust of Ming-Chi Kuo, at the line HuaweiP70 não só deve sell more than our ancestors as you also have to track novidades no camera department.

An example separated from the model Huawei P70 Art Will be announced with the 1 inch Sony IMX989 sensor, something surprising since a Chinese manufacturer cannot purchase certain parts due to US sanctions.

On the other hand, I have the assurance that the sensor will be imparelhado with a glass-plastic hybrid lens 1G69.

In fact, o iPhone 15 Pro Max This is the only smartphone that uses this solution without its 5x zoom sensor.

Glass-plastic hybrid lenses are more resistant to deformation and offer better optical performance. Largan and Sunny Optical are the main manufacturers of this type of lens.

Por fim, the analyst continues to deposit what a Huawei will launch a new chipset capable of 5G and exclusive for the P70 line. However, since the manufacturer has not commented or assured, we welcome that all this persists in the field of rumors.

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Update (11/28/2023) – RS

Next year I can do great things for Huawei in relation to your new mobile phones. It's because o analyst Ming-Chi Kuo assert that the company must obtain a crescimento annual of 230%, selling three times more smartphones in line P70 In comparison with the Franquia P60 models.

In agreement with Kuo, this situation will have an impact on companies that need slow speeds for the cameras of the brand's future devices, Largan e Sonny Optical. On the other hand, I hope that the models will be launched by the Chinese brand with new Kirin chips with the latest line design.

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As you would hope, the models are also compatible with 5G network connection. In addition, Huawei cameras must adopt new structures in the slow positions of the models, such as a 5P version as a basic variant, accompanied by a 1/3.6 inch sensor phone.

Oh P70 Prosince your arrival you can buy a 6P slow zoom and a 1/2.5″ sensor this model with the most important components, obviously, will be the P70 ProArt. In this case the device will be slow 1G6P and a 1-pole sensor to take photos with a large angular camera.

So that I don't know, the symbols refer to a slow one with a glass camera and other plastic ones. It is also something more difficult to produce, the manufacturing of the type of component will be more comparable to that of traditional components, which must be stimulated by the work of suppliers.

More on Huawei: I see release details TO DO MatePad Pro 11 e like Latest news on the Kirin 9000s.

Update (11/21/23) – JB

In the post shared third, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that the line HuaweiP70 I meet them advanced stage of development, could launch in the first half of 2024.

According to Kuo, Huawei is expected to launch three smartphones: P70, P70 Pro e Art P70. For the analyst, everything must be contacted with periscopic camera with optical zoom e Kirin chipset with 5G connection.

The trend is that the Huawei P70 series generates an increase of 100% from the Chinese manufacturer in 2024.

I am also convinced that the devices will be sold only in the Chinese market, as Huawei is currently working on the development of the line. Mate 70.

Above all, the company seeks to standardize its domestic market in order to then be able to sell its devices on the global market.

For my part, the analyst is looking for a family New 12 is expected to be broadcast before the end of the year with a direct connection via satellite. Or seja, the first intermediaries with this ability.

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Update (10/23/23) – JB

Second information provided by the universities of Huawei's suppliers, the original company preparations for mass production of the family HuaweiP70 of 2024.

These fonts say that the Chinese manufacturer has a great recommendation of parts and this gives them results whenever you want.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo collaborated with the rumor claiming that Huawei would recommend between 30 and 40 million wafers for the 2024 P and Mate lines.

However, it is not yet clear on Huawei P70 may also use Kirin 9000s chipset You are a the manufacturer is preparing a new exclusive chip for this device.

And yet, it is certain that Huawei will open its plot with Qualcomm in 2024 and follow its own path in the market for smartphones with 5G connection.

Assim, the forecast is that Huawei will sell between 60 and 70 million smartphones in 2024, which could save a company quietly lead the Chinese market.

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Original text (10/11/23)

A line HuaweiP70 I already meet them advanced stage of development Information sources from the Chinese manufacturer indicate that the company has already ordered OLED displays for the devices.

Second tests pessoas, os aparelhos Huawei P70 must also have a digital player on its phonebut the manufacturer's main suppliers will suffer an average price of 30%.

Or seja, this is something that can be ironed directly for 2024 device prices.

The analysts' forecast is the one that matches the model Huawei P70 Pro There is an OLED screen with curved edges made by BOE.

2024 devices must also be trazer meaningful melodies for your camera set.

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Other relevant details you sent to Huawei's manufacturing company involve the chipset that will be used on the P70 line. The fonts say that the manufacturer developed them for a new latest generation Kirin with 5G support.

Além disso, like a minimum wage tem conseguido largely witness the demand for the new Kirin 9000sall this indicates that Huawei will not encounter problems in 2024.

Analysts think there is a mistake in history Mate 60 it is more linked to high demand so that the productive capacity of the SMIC.

As I hope, Huawei does not comment on the information vazamento. With this we salute that everything must remain on the terrain of rumors.

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