HyperOS supports Mi 10 and Mi 11 in the second half of April

A Xiaomi confirms that both Mi 10 and Mi 11 receive an update for the operating system HyperOS at the end of April. Information from Zhang Guoquan, director of the Chinese manufacturer's software department, via Weibo.

However, the executive responds to important information: unlike the later operations, the Mi 10 and the Mi 11 are also in the version of the operational system that is not based on Android 13without forecast of updating for the Android 14.

HyperOS is the new operating system that will serve as “protection” for Xiaomi. Before that, the company has a specific line for each product – smartphones and tablets use MIUI, cars come with another system and are used by diante. An idea of ​​the new technological device I am considering all of Xiaomi's solutions in a single brand.

However, even inside HyperOS there are some differences, because it was built on two pillars – based on Android 14, for the most recent smartphones; another based on Android 13, for older devices, such as the case of Mi 10 and Mi 11.

Second at Xiaomi, the distribution of HyperOS – launched in December 2023 – continue with the calendar of your monthsin regressive release order: the newest models receive the first system, as well as earlier devices which will be updated gradually until June this year.

In the meantime, there are also several updated Serem pendant devices: like lines 11 and 12 from the Redmi subsidiary, for example, there are also anti-gas versions. In any case, Xiaomi always informs in advance which devices are part of the following “levers”, and this will then accompany the company of our Canadian companies for the ficar por dentro.

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