Is Swift code same for all branches?

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The chances are, you know about Swift Codes if you’ve ever sent money overseas. These codes are crucial for identifying banks and financial institutions worldwide, ensuring speedy and secure transfers. Yet, a common query arises: Are Swift codes identical for all bank branches?

No, each bank has a unique Swift code. However, a branch may also have its unique Swift code. To ensure a successful transaction when transferring to a specific branch, it is necessary to input the correct Swift code for that branch.

Understanding Swift Codes

Allow us to initially scrutinize what Swift codes are and their working mechanism. Afterwards, we can discuss their relationship to bank branches.

The concept of Swift is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It operates a vast network which enables financial institutions to transfer money and messages with ease. The Swift network comprises of over 11,000 institutions spread across 200+ countries and territories.

Swift code is a type of international bank code. Identifying banks worldwide is its main purpose. These codes usually contain either eight or eleven characters. The first four characters tell us the bank’s code. The next two tell us the country code. Finally, the last two or three digits help us identify the bank’s branch.

Is the Swift Code the Same for All Branches of a Bank?

The code for Swift is not uniform across all bank branches, as previously stated. Each bank branch can have its own specialized Swift code, also known as a BIC (Bank Identifier Code).

A correct BIC must be provided when sending money to a designated bank branch. Your transfer could face delays or rejection if you don’t comply.

How to Find the Swift Code for a Bank Branch

If you require to transfer funds to a particular bank location, having the accurate Swift code or BIC is critical. Various methods can help you obtain this essential data.

Begin by verifying with the bank when transferring funds. Specifically, contact the bank and request the Swift code for the branch you’re sending the money to. The bank can easily and quickly provide this information.

Online Swift code searches are available on various websites. These searches are free and require only the bank’s name and branch location to provide the correct Swift code or BIC.

Checking your bank statement is crucial to guarantee accuracy. Having received a transfer from the branch before undoubtedly contributes to the truthfulness of this statement. Your statement should list the Swift code or BIC.

Why is the Swift Code Important?

When completing international money transfers, the Swift code is crucial. With its assistance, the money is sent to the correct bank and branch, reducing the chance of errors and delays, ultimately ensuring swift and secure money transfers.

Your transfer may face delays or rejection if you don’t have a Swift code. Being subject to additional charges and fees in this scenario may cause annoyance and inconveniences.


The Swift code is unique for each branch of a bank. It is crucial for secure and fast international money transfers. Consider contacting your bank, searching online, or reviewing your bank statement to obtain the accurate code for a particular branch.

Simplify your international money transfer process without any complications or delays by following some easy steps.

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