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American presenter and comedian Jon Stewart, a member of The Daily Show, revealed that it was impossible to connect to IA on Apple TV+. Stewart was hired by Apple in 2021, while he was in the middle of programming The Problem with Jon Stewart, which had a more serious and upcoming documentary proposal. In 2023, still creative differences, the issue is signed between the canceled parties.

Jon Stewart's revelation came during this week's episode of The Daily Show – a program that allowed him to become a host. No episode, the actor interviewed Lina Khan, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the American organization is responsible for investigating potential monopolies and antitrust practices. The work to be done which has a direct impact on the plans of Apple, Google, Facebook and other big tech.

During the presenter's discussions, Apple said that artificial intelligence was a sensitive topic to discuss. “Why are you so temerosos in this conversation in the public sphere? “. Segundo Stewart, in the other 15-minute segment he opened Khan's episode, was licensed by Apple – the quadro trick aired on The Problem with John Stewart.

Revealing his veto by assuming artificial intelligence, Stewart approved the participation of Lina Khan for Apple to also offer a podcast episode of The Problem in which it would request to have episodes in television format and another. podcast complementary to the theme, similar to that of Fantástico, for example, with certain subjects.

“They literally said 'as a favor, I don't have an interview,'” Stewart said on The Daily Show. Today, Apple is not pronounced in this case – that's what needs to be said. However, as Stewart stated, they show that the “creative differences” that contributed to the overturning of the issue have more to do with “creative vetoes.”

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