Julia Garner will be the Surfista Prateado in the Quarteto Fantstico film

Quarteto Fanástico was finally confirmed a few months ago and the main cast was heard, but not long ago the paper of a potential antagonist was also decided. Julia Garner, three times the Emmy saleswomanwill be the emblematic village “Surfista Prateado” in a film… or for less you represent it.

Julia Garner's paper will, in truth, be the Shalla-Balby amoroso do Surfista Prateado dos quadrinhos, but after assuming the manto of the character.

The main details, like the film, are already a complete mystery, but Julia's paper was confirmed to Deadline by her sources. And Marvel Studios still hasn't commented on this news, but it's possible there's something going on in casting, starting with a reliable source from Deadline.

The character of the quadrinhos Shalla-Balan immortal empress of Zenn-La, had her first appearance at HQ “Surfista Prateado #1”, which was published in May 1968. Shalla-Bal has faith criada por Stan Lee and John Buscema with the intention of serving as Arauto's lover of Galactus.

Therefore, Shalla-Bal possibly assumes the paper of Surfista Prateado at HQ and there is little time to be a villain of the future new film of the MCU which is planned for July 25, 2025.

Entitled apenas de “Quarteto Fantástico”, the film trará Pedro Pascoal no paper to do Sr Fantastico, Vanessa Kirby Como Mulher Invisível, Joseph Quinn Como Tocha Humana e Ebony moss-Bachrach Como O Coisa. Matt Shakman (WandaVision) takes on the role of film director and Eric Pearson (Viúva Negra and Thor: Ragnarok) will serve as roteurist.

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