Microsoft launches playback for mobile games in July

Microsoft will launch a mobile gaming watch in July, competing with Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. Rumors about this circular decision on the Internet in December last year.

In an interview at the Bloomberg Technology Summit last week (10), Xbox President Sarah Bond said that this piece will be accessible to all devices and countries, regardless of the policy of the ecosystem companies sought .

Initially, the room will be games from Microsoft and additional content for these games. In the meantime, this will eventually be open to external developers. Bond also said the experience will be web-based. Finally, the president of Xbox confirmed games like Candy Crush and Minecraft in the Microsoft store catalog.

Microsoft is discussing the possibility of flipping a coin from this door, mainly with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which includes a gigantic mobile King, responsible for Candy Crush.

After purchasing Activision as a form of Microsoft acquiring Call of Duty in French, Phil Spencer also saw various times that business was a priority for the Possibility of Xbox to develop its plan in the mobile segment.

In November 2022, Spencer said Xbox entrepreneurs insisted they continued to be irrelevant in the mobile segment. That year, I think there is no future without being on the platform but on the planet.

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