MultiVersus announces Coringa as new wrestler and voice actor for Mark Hamill

Publisher Warner Bros. Games and publisher Player First Games announce that Coringa will join MultiVersos' Elenco as a player character. The trailer reveals that the character is available when the game is launched. May 28.

MultiVersus is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It will track down more characters from the first launch and include lutadores like Adão Negro, Mulher-Maravilha, Batman, Salsicha and Pernalonga.

In a new trailer, Coringa is revealed as one of the new features of MultiVersus. There will be voice acting from the iconic Mark Hamill, who will repeat the role of Kevin Conroy as Batman. The duplication took part in Batman: An Animated Series and the French Batman Arkham games.

Since your studio announced plans for the game's returna Player First Games that reveals some of the new games and mechanics that MultiVersus will be in your relaunch these months.

In April, some of the new features announced include investigative attacks and bending mechanics that allow for quick playmaking, allowing for a more agile recovery pace for defensive players, and also providing more opening and closing options. finalizing combos for the most aggressive users.

MultiVersus was available in 2022, but was launched in April 2023. The return of the game is protected by many expectations to offer various new features, such as a PvE mode and a reformulation of the netcode.

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