Remessa Compliant: state government taxes reduced for imports reduced to US$ 50

How did the National Congress impondo que o the government must tax all international purchases with federal taxThe Ministry of Fazenda has found a “solution” for imports of US$50 items.

Compliant explains an exam, o The government can opt for a 28% reduction in its shareonce this statement is very unpopular and should arouse the disgust of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

With this, all imports in ICMS compliant tax are taxed at 17% and 28% of federal tax for the amount of US$50, sending a tax of 60% to the maximum value.

In the report released this week, a Receita Federal defended that the imposto continues zerado to buy about US$50, once it's accurate, there's more data before changing in the Remessa Compliant piece.

On the other hand, many companies that wish to join a program can refrain from any case of large and irreducible taxation. Moreover, varejo and pharmaceutical industry associations that is what it means by “disequilibrium” and “dealing agreement”.

Furthermore, the bill on the Mover program was not passed by Congress due to a consensus between deputies, which sent some parliamentarians to defend that the “jabuti” was removed from the text.

Meanwhile, the PL begins the debate, with many Chinese deputies prosecutors in charge of ensuring that the federal law is supposed to benefit the poorest population, once the tax can reach 92%.

And the varejista Shein told the woman from São Paulo that he was not going to “assume the 92% customer”, once his company avoided cobrar the 17% of ICMS of its customers currently, but that It is not possible to “ensure” this with a mudança imposta pelo Congresso.

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