Pack the bag: Spotify's support must be ficar but cara em breve

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Agree with a Bloomberg, Spotify plan values ​​are expected to increase by US$1 for individual and US$2 for family and duo terms in the UK, Australia, Paquistão and other markets until the end of april. It will also be necessary to readjust prices in the United States, Spotify's main market, until 2024.

A justification for the readjustment of assassinations is the additional customer of audiobooks offered to users, which can last up to 15 hours of digital delivery per month.

However, those who want to escape can readjust to migrate to a new individual plan that offers music and podcasts for US$11 per month. In this case, access to audiobooks will be cobrado separately.

For example, Spotify may also launch a “Supremium” plan with high fidelity (Lossless) music and other additional resources.

As the sources do not confirm that Brazil is among the countries concerned to readjust it. Spotify has also not officially announced a price increase.

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