Redmi Watch 4 arrives in Brazil with 150 sports modalities and a price of R$ 1.2 million

An official loja of Xiaomi In Brazil I offer the Redmi Watch 4, the new smart watch model from a Chinese subsidiary. The smart watch can also be purchased through our official suppliers and magazines that use it.

The device has 150 sports options for athletes with more specific athletes, as well as a 1.97-inch AMOLED screen, suitable for watches with a clean and a 420 milliamp-hour battery (mAh) which promises 20 days of continuous use.

For this reason, the company has opted for premium hosting, and the Redmi Watch 4 has an aluminum chassis and a stainless steel crown. The smartwatch has two protected cores – fair and fine clear – but other options can be purchased separately.

We broadcast it, the phone is 1.97 inches – the biggest story of the brand – and AMOLED technology. Secondly, on Redmi, the display refresh rates of 60 Hz and a brightness of around 600 nits in an exposure area 26% higher than previous generations and more than 200 face options for customization.

The solutions that all lovers of any smart watch also present here: Redmi Watch 4 contains a heart rate, blood oxygenation, sound accompaniment and energy monitor. The manufacturer has confirmed that it has used four PPG channels on a new model, to accurately amplify shot measurements.

Oh Redmi Watch 4 It is now available for purchase in Brazil. The manufacturer's website lists the model at a suggested price of R$1,299, but a launch promotion or the way the prateleira is offered at R$1,195.99.

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