Inspired by iOS? Android 15 may have cones with a visual renovation in the notifications bar

Android's notification bar icons were not renovated from Android 5 Lollipop, they were replaced with another one on Android 10. This should be done with Android 15, but analyst Mishaal Rahman has encountered new icons in Android 15 Developer Preview 2 (DP2).

The icons shown today are still not compatible with Android 15 DP2, but so Rahman found you and activated the system's occult resources.

The new visual icons with the line that are dynamically with a color consistent with the status of the indicated function, such as WiFi, for example. This is a new battery icon, which is almost the same as the one used on iOS.

This new layout allows the battery percentage to be displayed inside the icon inside a number at your location, saving space in the notifications bar and status. This might also disable the number inside the settings icon.

Rahman also says that Google is working to add vibration response to the button and secure the notification bar's quick settings button, Android 15's brightness adjustment bar, and even the volume bar.

Obviously, as is the case for users, Google can change all the characteristics mentioned today, which has not yet been published and several news should be expected at the time of Android 15, which could arrive in September or October 2024.

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