Xiaomi announces 120W GaN charger with USB-C interface

A Xiaomi announcement or release of its most recent GaN charger, with power of 120 Wduring the Mi Fan Festival 2024. Equipped with Galio Nitride (GaN) technology, the innovation accessory for the company's catalog.

This new brand is a significant step forward in Xiaomi's day with GaN chargers. It all came in 2021, with the launch of the 67W charger. Since then, the company has been dedicated to improving its technology, culminating with the launch of the 120W charger, providing more power and efficiency to users for a affordable price of 199 yuan (around US$28, around R$142).

The 120W GaN charger not only provides faster charging, but it also incorporates advanced security measures to ensure a reliable experience for users. Between the resources, it is high temperature protectionloss of power, protection against short circuit.

The carrier uses bridge technologies, such as dupla loading bombsdual phone batteries, abas multiplas marking technology (MTW), Mi-FC technology and graphics-based battery technology to optimize the speed and progress of transport.

It is compatible with phones Xiaomi 14 Ultra e Black sharkbut also other devices that ensure rapid transport.

However, it is important to consider some issues, such as the possibility of variation in actual movement speed and concerns about battery degradation over a long period of time (Xiaomi's exhibit minimal battery degradation up to 800 cycles charging, for example). On the other hand, some reports indicate that the charger can force close to 80W on the device, but does not reach 120W.

The Mi Fan Festival 2024, which will take place on April 6 in China, will be an opportunity to present this new charger, marking more than one frame of Xiaomi's day in the world of GaN chargers.

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