Participe! Samsung Members premiar trs usurios com Galaxy S24 Ultra em campanha para promover IA

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A Samsung announces, in the sexta-feira (1º), the campaign “Desafio AI Make Over” in Brazil, which will be the first to be the three users of the Samsung Members platform with Galaxy S24 Ultra. Promoting the destination goal as the brand's most advanced cell phone line capabilities generative artificial intelligence functions.

This requires sending accurate photos of any type of editing — such as the removal of unused objects at the back of the stage — taken by participants to members. The company selects three best images and sellers offer prizes including a Galaxy S24 Ultra and other Samsung products.

As photos should not be edited. The purpose of the campaign is defined as the possibilities that a Galaxy AI, suite of artificial intelligence capabilities from Samsung, can offer shooting photos with the brand's cell phones. Platform members who are selected receive the following prizes:

  • 1st place: for Galaxy S24 Ultra, for Galaxy Watch 6 and for Galaxy Buds FE
  • 2nd place: for Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy Buds FE
  • 3rd place: uh Galaxy S24 Ultra

Participants must be over 18, a Galaxy family device user, and have an active Samsung account number. Samsung members have our Samsung phones and tablets pre-installed, but they can also be installed in your device connected to the Galaxy Store or Play Store.

As the photos develop enviadas until April 12, 2024. This is now the community of Samsung Members, which can be used as the artificial intelligence technology of the Galaxy AI. It is possible to send desired images, so that they are published.

Sellers will be announced on May 10, 2024. You can pay full payment for the “Desafio AI Make Over” campaign through this link.

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