Pixel Watch now vibrates so you can check times

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An update launched by the pelo Google já chegou ao Pixel Watchand smartwatch users are recently experiencing a new form of seeing – or, in this case, “feeling” – like hours: the device vibrates.

A new video with o Pixel Watch April 2024 Update and considers all the functions of the Google watch. To activate the function, simply access the device configuration menu, which now contains a new option in the “Vibration” guide. Then you adjust the intensity of the reaction at five levels, i.e. from “very slowly” to “very quickly”.

Obviously, the Pixel Watch can't be viewed for hours at most via vibration, but it reflects a stopped moment. One idea is that you don't have a specific action smart watch directly to find out the information – but you will also be able to do it on your phone.

The vibration pads are used to determine “what” you are feeling, with a more tense, underlying movement used for the “numbers” (the watch vibrates for a long period for some people and a short period for units). ).

At the same time, a “concise” vibration of a short vibration for about 15 minutes, so that you have the knowledge of all the quarters of an hour that you have spent.

The action of the recurso is done to touch or display the remaining part with two things.

The above is the first update the Pixel Watch 2 received in 2024, and the March update only focuses on the original generation of the smartwatch.

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