Windows 10: Microsoft discloses prices for extended support for security refresh

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A Microsoft announces the extended support program for Windows 10 users, which deixara receive security updates In October 2025, and at the end of the week (02), a gigantic software finally confirmed the prices of the extended refresh service when the operational system will be supported.

As Windows 10 Extended Security Updates cost US$61/year for PC (around R$309/year). The program has been available for three years, and those who entered the latest accurately in making the retroactive payment, once the updates are cumulative and include all previously published corrections.

For organizations that use management solutions based on the new Microsoft, they will have a special discount of 25%. Additionally, the Expanded Security Refresh program will be free for businesses that use Windows 365 to access new-based PCs. Windows 11.

A Microsoft alerted that the program of support this extension and it is a temporary measure. The goal is to get users ready to migrate to Windows 11 as quickly as possible.

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