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An ASUS trouxe in Brazil or your new ROG Strix Scar 18 gaming laptop this beginning of April. It offers you to enter the specifications of a machine at the top of the line, in conjunction with such a giant fabric.

Will it be time to practice a performance consistent with what it promises? The TudoCelular tests a laptop unit and displays details for your complete analysis.

Design and connectivity

Add a laptop to an acima fabric size of a media, it has dimensions that can transform the laptop into a small painting. One machine uses a weight of 3 kg and a thickness of 30.8 mm. This makes it a little easier to move around with this one for a different vibe.

You will encounter a plastic chassis, with aluminum pad. ASUS warrants modification of conforming or local hardware to improve surface area by minimizing overwhelm. ASUS's intelligent communication system works well and is already located in the clearest area of ​​the keyboard. Something that should not be used in the newspaper.

For example, we are here or the ABNT padrão, with the numeric keypad directly on the keyboard. The space is not shallow, allowing for improved key spacing. On the other hand, there is a distance of 2 millimeters to the pressure, with tátil feedback.

You must also display the five custom buttons in the upper edge to program the functions most desired by the user. To be backlit in four zones, custom RGB LEDs conform to your preferences.

You will also find lighting in the bar at the bottom. The touchpad has a 10% higher temperature and is weaker than the video, if it turns or loses smoother and smoother, it loses sensitivity.

No set of ports, a side input contains a power input, an Ethernet network input, an HDMI 2.1 input and USB 3.2 type-C connections, an input with Thunderbolt 4. You will then have two USB 3.2 type inputs – A. The connection is complete with the presence of Wi-Fi of six generations and Bluetooth depending on the specified version.

Then you'll find them with a translucent piece removed, which can be swapped out with a wrapper substitute. Next to the notebook there is a cast iron box, the power cable and the user manuals.

This is what

The ROG Strix Scar 18 has an 18-inch screen, with a Quad HD+ resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It is the first brand model to be used with Mini-LED paint for the national market. This material is sure of a high level of brilliance, which can reach 1,100 nits, without losing optimal contrast, without reaching the level of an OLED.

The screen displays a wide viewing angle and anti-reflex treatment, to use light as compromised viewing. It now has a 100% core lineup of the DCI-P3 controller.

For gamers, we are working to remove 240Hz refresh fees, which ensures high smoothness in any kind of situation. There is now a response rate of 3 milliseconds, for low latency in the most demanding titles.

You can also improve this type of technology NVIDIA G-Sync, with better realism in our games, and Dolby Vision, which primes the image in compatible streaming services.

The sound part is made up of a stereo system made up of two speakers, each located at the base. They are equipped with smart woofers that promise almost triple the sound power.

In practice, the machine produces a bass sound in alto and without distortion at maximum volume. It's a good balance of bass, mid and treble, with frequencies even more integrated when we use Dolby Atmos technology.

Desempenho and system

The new high-end gaming laptop from ASUS arrives in Brazil with a unique configuration, consisting of an Intel Core i9-14900HX processor and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 video card. The hardware flagships guarantee bridge use on any defect.

Without memory we find 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of internal equipment on SSD. Both slots of each type are not sold on the plate, or they allow for expansion in the event that they expand even further than possible.

In any case, the factory configuration allows you to open different programs at any time, according to any type of work or use, even if it is not finished by hand in several hours. games.

The benchmarks show the power of this machine. No TimeSpy in 3DMark, so we get almost 20 million points. An impressive number that super or with the Alienware m16 folga, then we camp our tests, or which shows the graphics power of the RTX 4080 GPU.

The PCMark 10 also features a camp number, with 8,800 points passing by Tranquility or Dell's rival. It is for high performance that the story creation tasks are, as well as the most complex of the test.

The ROG Strix Scar 18 or Windows 11 Home model as a natural operating system. The general navigation is very smooth and the initialization is carried out with great speed.

ASUS collaborates with a program similar to that of the natives, that is, Armory Crate. The software allows you to manage hardware operating modes and customize the product's RGB LEDs.


Why is this notebook able to enter our games? For a PC with bridge components, we test all titles with maximum resolution Quad HD+ and we have a positive result.

Come play simpler, or multiplayer Fall Guys you have maximum quality and all the extras enabled, without worrying about the experience with the party room. They still have taxa at 240 fps.

Outro que no disappointment or faith Counter-strike 2. This machine is most ideal for this type of first man shooting game. Not only at 240 fps, but also with very low latency, which allows you to have commands almost instantly at the time of attack or to execute an attack.

Uma grata surprises faith LOSS Eternal. Mesmo com Laser trace enabled, it maintains a maximum speed of 130 fps. An impressive taxon for a game from the gate of Quad HD+ resolution.

Em God of the war, the brilliance of the Mini-LED combined with the graphics power of the RTX 4090 is such that images can be defined and defined. Even if you can't pass several frames per second, I have enough capacity to improve the visuals of the game.

Another way to explore the visuals of the game Ratchet and Clank. The scenario of the head of the cores was carried out here, with rights to Laser trace and over 100 fps at maximum resolution.


ASUS inserts a battery with a capacity of 90 Wh into your device. Will it be enough to act on these powerful specs for several hours? We have our Padronized test for discovery, with a simulation of a job, as well as alternative navigation in Edge, editing documents in Word and messages in Telegram.

When configuring the connected LEDs, this element is the notebook bridge. Charging the durou lasted 2 hours and 48 minutes until it was completely discharged. Autonomy is reduced to that of desire, and we consider that we are not able to play a game along the test.

And as for transportation? The process is done by the 330 W tomada adapter included in the socket, through a DC socket. Taiwan also has the option to charge the USB-C port, but limited to only 100 watts.

We use the padrão accessory and we make the time pass in 1 hour and 44 minutes until 100% return. A wait is not that long, but it sends proportionately a large amount of comparison with the autonomy of the laptop between.

ASUS Network

April 3

ASUS presents new gaming laptops from the TUF Gaming line in Brazil

April 3

Final Considerations

The ROG Strix Scar 18 is a high-end laptop aimed at the most demanding gamers. It offers a design with small, personalized LEDs that appear on the dimensions of the elements; and a perfect example for all the games we test. A performance that allows us to place this model as the most advanced in reality.

The multimedia part is also improved, thanks to high audio quality. ASUS made sure to study the Mini-LED array, to create optimal brightness, without compromising on contrast. A powerful and balanced aesthetic element complementary to the display for immersive experiences with this machine.

As the main negative point, it is the battery life, which turns out not to have worked for 3 hours of duration, not compensating for the low performance when charging faster.

Autonomous pouca batteryHigh preo

ASUS launched the ROG Strix Scar 18 in Brazil for a quarter week, as its most advanced model in the ROG line. It is available for a suggested price of R$33,000. What competition do we have in the national market?

The Alienware m16 is another advanced gaming laptop, which is a Taiwanese refresh fee and RAM, so the processor is a generation passed to such a subject and does not contain Mini-LED. At least the battery lasts longer than the dobro eo custo is inferior.

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra also offers an AMOLED display view, with a smaller display, smaller form factor and longer battery life. This is a use of RGB LED, but it can be found by a lower value in the domestic field.

Do you have a notebook of 18 notes to play with a big screen? What features of the machine attract your most attention? Comment completely in the abaixo space.

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