1ª bullfight of mochilas to jato do mundo acontece em Dubai; see the video

Come to be sediado em Dubai a curious new sport. Trata-se da jato mochila bullfight, which had its first edition published in the feverish UAE city this year. The event was funded by costume manufacturer, Gravity Brand, and Marco became this radical new modality.

Essa, including, was one of the main attractions at the Dubai Boat Show and there is great anticipation for the sequence. In principle, each of the two participants uses a work with a set of motor engines, which has a turn of 130 HP of power. You have to put each arm on it, as many as three remaining shoes have a total power of 1,050 hp.

Other details that are important are that these engines consume little fuel, since each competitor comes to the race with 5 galões of jato na mochila fuel. At the same time, this quantity is enough for 9 minutes of flight, which decreases the chances of long journeys that will be lost for riders.

In general, as the races take place in a water course, this facilitates the possibility of the sport being practiced in any location. An example is cities that have major lakes or rivers. This is not the case, as there is an advantage on the simplest layout courses compared to motor vehicle lanes.

Second portal New Atlas, the sport appears to have great potential for a sport with ao vivo spectators. It is necessary to count with clothes for people (400 million US dollars, the equivalent of 1.2 million R$), the site is available in practice as “large or sufficient to enter a multidity of hundreds of millions of dollars on the margins of a river or a lake.

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