Samsung testa microSD Express de 256GB e inicia produo em massa de carto com 1TB

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A Samsung Reveal two exciting new features related to your memory card wallet. Compliant with the own brand, it came to test models of micro SD Express cards with the capacity to 256 GB. On the other hand, the company confirmed that it was mass producing items in this category. 1 TB capacity of armamento.

The first model cited, in principle, promises to offer reading speeds higher than those of a SATA type SSD. That said, the component comes in at 560 MB/s, while the new memory card has 800 MB/s. Or, this also results in 4x faster speeds compared to traditional models, which reach 200 MB/s.

One point where attention should be paid to this product is the work of a man like this DTG (Dynamic thermal guard), which ensures the use of controlled temperatures during long use sessions. The 1TB model, for your part, is like cameras of your V-NAND technology for your generation.

Also Samsung compliant, the model has passed the most rigorous tests in the industry and must continue to adapt even to extreme temperature conditions of use. Hangu Sohn is vice president of the company's memory brand product team and comments:

With our two new microSD cards, one solution Samsung provides efficient solutions to meet the growing demands of desktop, mobile and device AI. After your little minute, these memory cards offer powerful employment and capacity similar to SSD to adjust users to the other. but demanding modern and future applications.


Secondly, in South Korea, the 256GB SD Express card purchased in the market is this year, while the 1TB model will be launched by the company in the third quarter of 2024. Prices, finally, do not were not revealed by her.

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