Sean Lowe’s shocking reaction to ‘Bachelor’ contestant Zach Shallcross breaking ‘no sex’ rule in Season 27 finale

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The latest news on The Bachelor’s Zach Shallcross is that he broke his own “no sex” rule during the fantasy suite dates with one of his final three contestants.

Zach had previously stated that he would not have sex with any of the women during the fantasy suite week overnight dates.

However, he admitted to host Jesse Palmer that he and one of the contestants, whose identity was not revealed, had sex together that night.

Zach expressed guilt over the situation, saying that he had fears about how the other women would feel.

Zach’s “no sex” rule was intended to make the fantasy suite week less messy.

However, he later admitted that things became more complicated than he expected.

Zach’s strong stance on the issue had concerned some of the other contestants, who felt that sexual compatibility was an important factor in a relationship.

Despite this, Zach and one of the contestants decided to have sex together during the fantasy suite dates.

The news about Zach Shallcross breaking his “no sex” rule has generated reactions on social media.

Some Twitter users have criticized Zach for going against his word and for causing drama among the contestants.

Others have defended Zach, saying that he has the right to change his mind and that the other contestants should respect his decision.

The news about Zach’s rule-breaking comes amid rumors of cheating by another Bachelor star, Sebastián Lletget, who is facing allegations of infidelity from an anonymous Instagram user.

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