SHEIN joins NuBank Shopping offering 3% cashback on any purchase

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NuBank customers, one of the most famous digital banks, it is now possible to make purchases of dresses and shape accessories easy and practical with the bench. SHEIN has chosen “Shopping do Nu”, an application area that allows you to offer other pieces with the intuition of offering purchases with cashback and/or accounts.

In the case of SHEIN, all NuBank customers will be directly, exclusively, among others. 3% cash back oferecido pelo Shopping do Nu. The cashback deposit will be made up to 90 days and can be paid in any form the customer wishes. Além disso, cash back It stacks with other promotions Shein is offering today.

It is important that to access cashback, during this period you are required to SHEIN from your smartphone banking application. The process is all automatic and clean NuBank you will need to contact the SHEIN proprietary site to validate and apply your benefit.

To obtain benefits it is very simple: you must precisely enter your NuBank application, click on the shopping bag which is in the lower part of the menu to open the shopping, click on SHEIN and then on the option selected “Get cashback and get it for the coin“. Next, NuBank also discloses a gif which helps to understand the whole process visually. Veja:

Currently, NuBank has around 200 coins that offer most of the various products and services that can be thought of. Thus in 2023 for more than 255 million visits.

Similar to that some products also offer validation and security security purchased directly in the application sent by NuPay, the bank's online payment service, which uses your available balance in contact with or within your credit card limit .

The bench has also been adjusted by Brazilians without the possibility of cashback and facilities, but also by companies which are available from the year studio programs for the technology field.

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