Yahoo buy Artifact, notifications application with artificial intelligence created by the co-founders of Instagram

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Yahoo announces, at the end of the week (03), the acquisition of Artifact, a notification application which using artificial intelligence to improve content personalization exibido aos usuários.

On the platform, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were created discontinued in February 2024but it is possible to create new life in the Yahoo ecosystem, which claims to specifically integrate Artifact's artificial intelligence technologies into various services, such as Yahoo News.

With this, the artifact will not work but as a standalone ferramenta. In addition, proprietary personalization technology powered by artificial intelligence and other resources will be integrated into our services from the web giant in our coming months.

The Artifact is an object to be stored as the most relevant story for users for better artificial intelligence. The algorithm shows users content that is more interesting and accurate in the long term, in addition to contacting smart tools for sharing links, avoiding clickbait and much more.

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“Yahoo is working at the scale necessary to fit the product to what we imagine, helping us connect people to confidential news sources that are more important than ever,” said Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Artifact.

As smart technologies in your service portfolio, Yahoo gains the greatest convergence power with Google, which is a pioneering company in the integration of AI tools for recommendation and best quality content.

Oh Yahoo News receives more than 185 million visits monthlyaccording to Downs Mulder, general manager of the notification aggregator platform launched in 1996. This is a large user base that should be looking for mass-level applications of Artifact's technologies.

Yahoo's acquisition of Artifact closed on March 29. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who will launch a notification aggregation platform in 2023, will work as an advisory board during the transition.

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