Noor Alfallah was diagnosed with a life-threatening complication while she was pregnant with Al Pacino's son Roman.

Noor Alfallah spoke candidly about being diagnosed with a life-threatening complication when she pregnant with her and Al Pacino's son. Shortly before to give birth in Roman in June 2023, Alfallah was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, which causes elevated liver enzymes sometimes leading to seizures, by Medline Plus. “When I think about it now, I … Read more

Taylor Swift fans worried after she appears ill in Singapore

Swifties were worried about Taylor Swift's health after the pop star appeared ill during her Eras Tour concert in Singapore on Monday night. Swift, 34, was seen coughing and clearing her throat as she performed her song “Delicate” for the crowd in a video circulating on TikTok. “I hope she's okay (for real),” one person … Read more