Taylor Swift fans worried after she appears ill in Singapore

Swifties were worried about Taylor Swift's health after the pop star appeared ill during her Eras Tour concert in Singapore on Monday night.

Swift, 34, was seen coughing and clearing her throat as she performed her song “Delicate” for the crowd in a video circulating on TikTok.

“I hope she's okay (for real),” one person commented on the viral clip.

Taylor Swift has fans worried after she was photographed coughing on stage during her Singapore Eras Tour show. heyjoshd/Tiktok
Swift was singing her song “Delicate” when she stopped to cough several times. Getty Images for TAS rights management
She also seemed to be clearing her throat. Getty Images for TAS rights management

“You can hear a raspy (sic) tone in her voice, she also seems more calm and reserved in her movements,” observed a second person, adding: “The show must go on…a queen.”

“I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to be on tour giving 100 at every performance. She is incredible ! a third person intervened.

“Homegirl is fighting for her life,” one commenter wrote.

Fans flooded TikTok to share their concerns about the singer's health. Getty Images for TAS rights management
“She looks so tired.” I hope she gets some rest soon! » Swiftie wrote online. Getty Images for TAS rights management

“She looks so tired.” I hope she gets some rest soon! another agreed. “She works so hard. She needs to rest.

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“She’s incredibly tough. I don’t know how she does these shows over and over again,” added another.

Some were convinced his cough was caused by the weather. Getty Images for TAS rights management
Others praised the artist for continuing to perform without a hitch. Getty Images for TAS rights management

Swift is scheduled to perform three more concerts in Singapore this week, then she will have time to breathe before heading to France in May to continue her blockbuster world tour.

The 'Cruel Summer' singer has been busy, so it's no surprise that she needs a little rest after bouncing back and forth between her international concerts and her boyfriend's soccer games Travis Kelce.

Herself came all the way from his concert in Tokyo to arrive in time for Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs' game against the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 Super Bowl last month.

Swift traveled all over the world during her tour. Getty Images for TAS rights management
She made sure to return to the United States to be there for most of Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs games this season. P.A.

After the superb victory of the Chiefs, Kelce and Swift shared several kisses on the field Before party at a club with their families.

The couple I started dating last summer but only confirmed their romance in September.

Sources told Page Six that the “New Heights” podcast co-host, 34, plans to propose to Swift this summer.

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