The planet is parallel to Earth and has constantly “dark” terrain.

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Recently, scientists disclosed the discovery of a person super-Terra que tem seu lado “sombrio”. It's not a monster type or a guy type, but it has to be constantly dark. All this day of your year, the planet continues with one place in full security to always be fired for your star.

Discovered if not something rare, it is the most common of what is imagined by the universe, however, it is the first time that um rocky planet like Terra and most of them face specific conditions.

December 19

James Webb captures star formation and water vapor in planetary management

July 27

This condition is known for “tide pool” or also for “tidal work“. It is an event that arises when one of two objects in a co-orbiting astronomical body arrives at a state where there is no more clearing liquid in its taxes of reason which do not decorate a complete orbit.

In summary, this planet, the shaman of Kua'kua is similar to the current state of the moon which shows the earth in a place where it is, while another fiction has been traveled by an eternal mysterious escape.

Research on the planet LHS 3844b in Kua'kua indicates that the motive for working on a boat is due to its extreme proximity to its star. Then, in a space magazine “The Astronomical Journal”, the planet takes about 12 hours to complete its orbit.

The planet is truly a paradise

As you know that the planet is actually in the zero rotation state, scientists study the temperature of the planet. If the planet is actually gyrated and is not in a state of sea coupling, its surface will be completely such, so ultimately, her star guarantees that she is.

However, the Spitzer telescope shows that the planet's temperature is cool or sufficient. This is not a fact that we can be certain of, we can imagine that scientists are studying Captar dados do lado de Kua'kua que está eternale nos sombreras Therefore, it has a cold temperature.

Além disso, relembre também como scientists discover a relationship between ocean climate and planet Earth thanks to a mathematical model.

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