PlayStation launches community game help to help players find the deck for their games

As you have the intuition to make life a little easier for your players, PlayStation can announce a new update for you”Game help», a recurso which imposes dates on developers who determine the points of a game to help have chances of succeeding in the phase or continuing conquests.

Mesmo sem launch datamento, o Community Game Help It's already a year for all donations of the PS5, whether you murdered it or not by the PSN Plus, to allow players in the community to have their own perspective to solve a problem with our games.

Sony is preparing an event with new features for the PlayStation

April 3

Dave the chega diver

April 2

With this new update, or The PlayStation 5 will automatically burn a video make sure the jogador ajudante follows the necessary tarefa. Therefore, the video will also be passed through moderation to ensure better quality control.

In case the video is approved, the assisting player will be immediately informed of their collaboration with the system.

Since the release of the PS5, which will arrive in 2020, on PlayStation Game Help is already available To help players in their work is not to conquer a flat game, but to pass something specific or purchase a secret item. Fazer everything is as accurate whether for a video game or a game. However, they look like Dev's.

How to help the game help?

If you are already on PlayStation 5 and you do not know the help of the game, it is very simple: the player is precise by opening the PS button to be able to open a “Control Center“, then disso is to obtain a Cartão d'Ação which is like an icon of a “acea lamp“. This will allow you to see how people will be engaged with your games.

And with a new refresh, the process doesn't change that much. The step by step to continue sending the same message, the difference is that you will see short videos broadcast like “Community Game Help” which show the perspective of other players who solve problems like you.

It will also be an endorsement system for the use of these games, which will allow PlayStation to create a better organization for content that helps players.

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