Xiaomi has a charging slot with HDMI and USB-C port with 67W power

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A Xiaomi launch an interesting accessory for PC users. Trata-se do chamado “Pro Desktop Fast Charging Socket”, which is nothing more than a new charging station that offers a wide range of possibilities to want to carry your laptop, cell phone or provide sufficient energy to plug in a computer or monitor.

In summary, all this is possible because of the device which supplies a total of 2,500 watts of power, enough to keep a phone with a PC connected at a certain pace. For you wanting to carry around a laptop, the product also has some major issues, especially regarding the 67W power compared to a USB-C port.

Other details that are important is that this port is capable of providing an image. Likewise, the station is an HDMI signal that promises 4K resolution with 60 Hz refresh. In addition, another USB-C port is available among the connection options, but the stand is also equipped with other devices.

You can also add a USB-A port to connect a device of user preference, such as a keyboard or mouse. As you expect a number of connections available, you can carry and use different differently shaped devices simultaneously on the product.

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