UK, artificial diabetes treatment for people with type 1 diabetes

The United Kingdom has launched a pioneering initiative to benefit from it type 1 diabeticsfornecendo artificial pancreas devices for several million people. These newly approved devices eliminate the need for patients to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels.

Type 1 diabetes is characterized by chronically high levels of blood supply, due to insufficient insulin production. Oh immunological system ataca as pancreatic cells that have been produced. It is therefore necessary for patients to regularly monitor their glucose and artificial insulin doses to control them.

In 2022, the UK National Health Service (NHS) began a pilot trial of a Loop Fechado Híbrido chambered artificial pancreas device. This system uses a sensor on the skin to continuously improve blood sugar levels and communicates wirelessly with an insulin bomb to deliver the needed dose. Patients can accompany sensor readings to a smartphone app.

The device was considered a success in the pilot trial, and the NHS formally approved its public use during this period. The country is coming up with a system for elegant type 1 patients, including children, elderly women and adults who control blood dissatisfaction.

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Clare Hambling, from the NHS, passionate about this technology promises to improve patient quality of life and clinical outcomes. Gemma Lavery, a teaching participant, spoke about her device to reduce her concerns about her work-related stress which affects her glucose levels.

I hope the initiative will have millions of type 1 patients in our next five years. Other artificial pancreas devices are in development or are available in other locations, such as the biological pancreas, approved by the FDA dos EUA last May.

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