Write Guest Post and Earn: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you searching for ways to earn cash online? Guest post and earn is an efficient method that can earn you money by providing quality information to websites. In this blog we’ll explore the advantages of guest blogging, offer an easy-to-follow guideline on how to begin and provide answers to the many of the questions that people have about the subject.

Why Guest Blogging is a Great Way to Earn Money

It’s a winning for both website and blogger owners. As blogger, you are able to grow your audience, establish your reputation and establish your expert in your area of expertise. By submitting high-quality content to various websites, it will also earn backlinks that will improve your site’s rank in the search engines and lead more visitors to your website.

However websites owners gain current and relevant content that keeps their visitors active and informed. In accepting guest blogs owners of websites can diversify their content and provide new perspectives to their readers. The result is an energizing partnership that lets bloggers make money while assisting site owners offer quality content to their visitors.

Step 1: Find Websites That Accept Guest Posts

The first step of the process of guest-blogging is to locate websites that allow guest blog posts. Start through Google to look up websites with the “write for us” or “contribute” page. They usually have guidelines for submitting guest posts, which include the subjects they’re interested in, the word count requirements, as well as formatting guidelines. Be sure to study and follow these guidelines to maximize the likelihood of having your guest blog accepted.

You can also utilize online tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to determine which websites allow guest post submissions. These tools can assist you to locate websites with an excellent domain authority and traffic that could bring greater exposure to your guest blog post.

What are some popular websites that accept guest posts?

So, you’re looking for some hot websites where you can drop a guest post? No worries, I’ve got you covered! Here are some popular websites that are all about accepting guest posts:

  1. Forbes (www.forbes.com) – Yep, you heard it right! Forbes, the big shot online publication, is all ears for high-quality guest posts from industry experts and thought leaders like you. Show ’em what you got!
  2. Huffington Post (www.huffpost.com) – The famous HuffPost, where news and opinions collide, is open to guest posts on a wide range of topics. If you’ve got a unique perspective to share, they’re all ears for it!
  3. Inc. (www.inc.com) – If you’re all about entrepreneurship, small biz, and startups, then Inc. is the place for you! They’re always on the lookout for valuable insights and advice from business-savvy contributors like you.
  4. Entrepreneur (www.entrepreneur.com) – Calling all aspiring and established entrepreneurs! Entrepreneur.com is a prime spot to drop your guest post on business, leadership, marketing, and more. Share your wisdom with the entrepreneur community!
  5. Medium (www.medium.com) – Looking for a platform to spill your thoughts and ideas? Medium is where you can showcase your writing prowess on various subjects. Get ready to make some noise with your original content!
  6. HubSpot (www.hubspot.com) – If you’re a marketing whiz, sales pro, or customer service guru, then HubSpot is your jam! They’re always hungry for guest posts from industry experts and practitioners like you. Feed ’em with your knowledge!
  7. Smashing Magazine (www.smashingmagazine.com) – Web designers and developers, listen up! Smashing Magazine is the place to strut your stuff with guest posts that provide practical tips and insights. Show ’em your smashing skills!

Remember to check each website’s submission guidelines carefully and keep it original – no copy-pasting! Let your unique voice shine through and rock those guest posts, folks! Kapil out! 😎🚀

How can I find websites with high domain authority for guest blogging?

Wanna know how to find those high and mighty websites for guest blogging? Don’t worry, I got your back! Here are some cool ways to track down websites with killer domain authority:

  1. Play the keyword game: Use keyword research tools to sniff out relevant topics and keywords in your niche. Look for websites that rock the search results for these keywords – they’re likely to have some serious domain authority going on!
  2. Hunt in blog directories: Check out blog directories or aggregators that list blogs accepting guest posts. They’re like treasure maps that can lead you to websites with sky-high domain authority in your niche. X marks the spot!
  3. Follow the influencers: Keep an eye on your industry influencers’ websites or blogs. These big shots often accept guest posts and can give you the exposure you’re craving. Ride the wave of their domain authority!
  4. Search engine is your friend: Fire up Google or Bing and start searching for guest blogging opportunities in your niche. Look for websites that dominate the search rankings, have a solid online presence, and are well-respected in your industry. Go big or go home!
  5. Spy on your competitors: Sneak a peek at your competitors’ backlinks. If they have links from reputable websites with high domain authority, those websites might just be perfect for your guest posts too. Follow the breadcrumbs to success!
  6. Social media sleuthing: Check out social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Many website owners and bloggers share guest blogging opportunities on their profiles. Stay tuned and be ready to pounce on those high domain authority websites!
  7. Join the guest blogging party: Join online communities or forums dedicated to guest blogging. Fellow bloggers often share opportunities and insider tips. It’s a goldmine for finding websites with killer domain authority!

Just remember to always check the domain authority of each website using reliable SEO tools and follow their guest posting guidelines to the letter. Be authentic and tailored in your guest posts, and you’ll rock those high domain authority websites like a pro! Keep slaying, my friend! Kapil out! 🎯🔥

What are the best practices for submitting a guest post?

So, you wanna know the best practices for submitting a guest post, eh? Here’s my take, Kapil-style!

  1. Stick to the rules, bro: Read and follow the guest posting guidelines of the website or blog you’re submitting to. Don’t mess around with the word count, formatting, or other requirements. Show some pro-level respect!
  2. Know your audience, dude: Do your homework and understand the readers of the website or blog. Get a feel for their vibe, style, and preferences. Then, craft your guest post accordingly to hit them right in the feels!
  3. Stay original, man: Don’t copy-paste, bro! Submit only fresh, original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. Give credit where it’s due and avoid any shady business. Keep it real!
  4. Quality is key, dude: Bring your A-game! Write a killer guest post that’s well-written, engaging, and informative. Drop some knowledge bombs, share some wisdom, and make their jaws drop in awe!
  5. Bring the visuals, bro: Spice it up with visuals, man! Use eye-catching images, dope infographics, or cool videos to level up your guest post. Visuals are like the cherry on top, making your content pop!
  6. No typos, bro: Double-check your work, man! Proofread and edit your guest post like a boss. Ain’t nobody got time for grammar or spelling errors. Keep it sharp and on point!
  7. Follow up like a pro, dude: Be cool and follow up politely, man! Ask about the status of your guest post in a pro-level manner. Patience is key, so don’t be pushy or annoying. Stay chill!
  8. Promote like a boss, bro: If your guest post gets published, shout it from the rooftops! Share it on your social media, website, or blog. Show some love and engage with readers’ comments like a rockstar!

Remember, bro, guest blogging is all about building relationships, delivering value, and establishing yourself as an expert. Follow these best practices, and you’ll rock that guest post submission like a pro! Keep slaying, my friend!

Step 2: Choose a Relevant and Interesting Topic

So, you’ve found some websites that accept guest posts, huh? Now it’s time to pick a topic that’ll knock their socks off! Here’s my advice, Kapil-style!

  1. Stay relevant, bro: Your topic should match the website’s niche and audience. Don’t go off on a wild tangent, man! Keep it aligned with what they’re all about and what their readers dig. It’s all about delivering value!
  2. Skip the self-promo, dude: Don’t be that guy who’s all about “me, me, me.” Avoid topics that are too promotional or self-serving. Nobody wants to read an advert, man! Keep it genuine and helpful.
  3. Do some keyword swag, bro: Get your keyword research on, dude! Use keyword research tools to find popular and relevant keywords in your niche. Look for ones with high search volume and low competition. That way, you’ll rank like a boss!
  4. Google is your bro, man: Google’s got your back, buddy! Use their autosuggestion feature to find out what questions people are asking related to your niche. These can be goldmine topic ideas for your guest post. Solve their problems, and you’ll be a hero!
  5. Be interesting, bro: Don’t be a snooze-fest, man! Choose a topic that’s interesting, captivating, and unique. Add your own twist, share some juicy insights, and make it a must-read for their readers. Be the life of the guest post party!

Remember, bro, your topic is the foundation of your guest post. Keep it relevant, valuable, and engaging. Show some love to their audience, and you’ll be on your way to guest post greatness!

How can I find popular keywords for my guest post?

So, you wanna know how to find popular keywords for your guest post, huh?

  1. Get your keyword tools on, bro: There are plenty of keyword research tools out there, man! Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz are some popular ones. Use them to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. It’s like hitting the keyword jackpot!
  2. Check out the competition, dude: See what your rivals are up to, man! Look at the keywords they’re targeting in their content. It can give you some serious inspiration for your guest post. Keep an eye on their moves!
  3. Google autosuggest is your bro: Google’s got some tricks up its sleeve, buddy! Type in your main keyword in the search bar and see what suggestions it gives you. These are popular search queries related to your keyword. It’s like tapping into the mind of the searchers!
  4. Check out the forums, man: Forums are a treasure trove of keyword ideas, bro! Look for threads related to your niche and see what questions people are asking. These are real-life keywords that people are searching for. It’s like getting insider info!
  5. Be specific, dude: Long-tail keywords are your friends, man! Instead of going for generic keywords, be more specific. Look for keywords that are more targeted and have less competition. They can be your secret sauce for ranking higher!
  6. Listen to your audience, bro: Your audience knows best, amigo! Listen to their needs, concerns, and questions. Use their language and vocabulary to find relevant keywords. It’s like speaking their language and connecting on a deeper level!

Remember, bro, finding popular keywords is all about understanding your audience, using the right tools, and getting creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and keep refining your keyword game.

Step 3: Write High-Quality and SEO-Optimized Content

When it comes to writing a killer guest post, quality is king, and I ain’t joking! Your content needs to be on point, well-written, engaging, and informative. No sloppy grammar or spelling mistakes, man. Keep it professional and polished!

And here’s a pro tip, bro: SEO is the name of the game! Optimize your guest post for search engines by including your target keywords in the title, headings, and throughout the content in a natural way. Break your content into sections with subheadings to make it easy to read, and drop some relevant links to authoritative sources to back up your points. It’s like adding some turbo boost to your post!

But hold up, that’s not all! Plagiarism is a big no-no, bro. Keep it original and unique. Don’t copy and paste from other sources, man. It’s not cool and can seriously harm your rep as a blogger. Use plagiarism-checking tools to make sure your content is legit and one-of-a-kind.

So, remember, buddy, rock that guest post with top-notch quality, killer SEO, and originality. Your post will shine like a star in the guest blogging galaxy!

How can I optimize my guest post for SEO?

Optimizing your guest post for SEO is key to getting it noticed by search engines and ranking higher in search results. Here are some tips to help you out, all in my own unique style, bro!

  1. Do your keyword research: Use keyword research tools to identify popular and relevant keywords in your niche. Look for keywords with high search volume and low competition, and sprinkle them naturally throughout your post. But don’t go overboard, man. Keep it natural, like a smooth groove.
  2. Title tag and meta description: Make sure your guest post has a catchy and relevant title tag that includes your target keyword. Write a compelling meta description that summarizes what your post is about and includes your keyword too. It’s like giving your post a cool intro!
  3. Headings and subheadings: Use headings and subheadings to structure your content and make it easy to read. Include your keywords in some of the headings, but don’t force it, bro. Keep it flowing like a smooth rap verse.
  4. Content quality: Don’t skimp on the quality of your content, man. Keep it top-notch, well-written, and engaging. Avoid stuffing your post with keywords, and focus on providing value to your readers. Quality over quantity, bro!
  5. Internal and external links: Add relevant internal links to other posts on your website to help readers navigate and explore your content. Also, include external links to authoritative sources that back up your points. It’s like building a network of links, bro!
  6. Image optimization: Optimize your images by using descriptive file names and alt tags that include your keywords. This can help with image search results and overall SEO, bro.
  7. Social sharing: Encourage social sharing of your guest post by including social media buttons. More shares mean more visibility, bro!

Remember, amigo, SEO is like a dance. Keep it smooth, natural, and high-quality. Your guest post will rock the search engine rankings like a boss!

What are some common mistakes to avoid in guest blogging?

Avoiding mistakes is key to nailing your guest blogging game, bro! Here are some common ones to watch out for:

  1. Irrelevant and low-quality content: Don’t submit content that is not aligned with the website’s niche or audience. Also, make sure your content is well-written, engaging, and informative. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, bro. Quality is king!
  2. Overly promotional or self-serving content: Guest blogging is not about promoting yourself or your products/services excessively. Avoid overly promotional or self-serving content, as it’s unlikely to be accepted by website owners. Keep it informative and value-packed for readers.
  3. Ignoring guest post guidelines: Every website has its own guest post guidelines, bro. Ignoring them is a big no-no. Make sure to read and follow the guidelines carefully, including word count, formatting, and other specific requirements. Don’t skip this step, bro!
  4. Lack of proper attribution: Always give credit where it’s due, man. Don’t forget to attribute any quotes, data, or references to their original sources. Plagiarism is a big mistake that can harm your reputation as a blogger. Keep it authentic and original, bro!
  5. Poor outreach and follow-up: Building relationships with website owners is important, bro. Avoid generic or spammy outreach emails, and personalize your pitches. Follow up politely but not excessively. Building genuine connections is the way to go!
  6. Not engaging with readers and website owners: Guest blogging is not just about getting backlinks, bro. It’s also about building relationships and engaging with readers and website owners. Respond to comments on your guest post, share your post on social media, and show appreciation to website owners for giving you the opportunity. Keep it friendly and interactive!
  7. Not optimizing for SEO: SEO is crucial for guest blogging success, bro. Don’t forget to optimize your guest post for search engines by using relevant keywords, headings, meta tags, and image optimization. SEO is like a superpower for boosting your visibility and rankings!

Avoiding these common mistakes will help you ace your guest blogging game, bro! Keep it authentic, value-packed, and engaging, and you’ll rock the guest blogging world like a pro! 👊🔥


Guest blogging can be a lucrative way to earn money online while providing valuable content to websites. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can increase your chances of creating a successful guest post that ranks high on Google and provides value to readers. Remember to find relevant websites that accept guest posts, choose interesting topics, write high-quality and SEO-optimized content, humanize your blog post with personal stories, and answer common questions people ask. With consistent effort and quality content, you can achieve success in guest blogging and earn money while building your brand as a blogger. Happy guest blogging!

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