YouTube Music has this new visual for comment SEO

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Oh Youtube Music Go through an overhaul of your comments section – something that seems small, but still big. A modification serves both for the version of the application for Android like aquela para iOS.

Not long ago, when you open a comments area on music, the player follows the playback of the audio at the bottom, following the testimonies of Internet users projected in front of it, including information on the art of the record, playback controls, etc.

In a new format, from the comments of YouTube Music “empurra” or the player for this, the testimonials and user interactions will be displayed as an application offer – it is not much different when you want to access all applications installed on Android, for example. example.

The player with the music commands tocada, with this, enter no topo and will make a “mini-player”, displaying the name of the music and the artist for it. But logically, the ability to pause the question – that last part, in the old format, couldn't have been done without looking for the comments.

Agree with o GoogleHowever, the new YouTube Music design is already free for smartphones and is not expected to appear on tablets.

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